An Update on Stockwoods COVID-19 Operations for our Clients and Friends

Here is an update on Stockwoods LLP’s response to COVID-19 since our last notice of March 16.

Client Service, Health and Safety

Our lawyers and staff have moved to remote work, and our existing IT and organizational infrastructure has been quickly extended to permit our team to continue to provide legal services remotely wherever possible in order to protect public health. While our initial response included adopting these measures until at least Monday, March 23, it is now clear that these circumstances will persist for significantly longer. We will continue to update you in the event of changes, but we will be maintaining only a tightly-restricted, minimal staff presence at our office pending further developments. In the event of urgent need compatible with the existing state of emergency, individual lawyers and other staff will attend our office as necessary.

We are also taking steps to keep our team organized and focused, to enable efficient assessment, advice and action on litigation or legal advisory problems our clients face, including critical business, public and health law, and criminal matters. This includes using our conferencing resources to ensure frequent contact and communication internally, so that we remain co-ordinated, collegial and responsible for one another’s well-being.  Our team has responded to these major adjustments with determination, hard work and empathy.

Client Needs

Our lawyers remain available at their regular email addresses, office or mobile telephone numbers, and are able to connect with you via audio/video meeting or any other means.

We have been in communication with our clients on their specific issues and matters, to assess the impact and immediate steps needed to preserve or maintain rights, to evaluate the impact of the restrictions imposed on an emergency basis on access to courts and tribunals, and to proceed with matters under revised procedures where possible. We remain available to help our clients through these and newly-arising issues during this challenging period.  Our team is highly engaged in addressing the many regulatory, commercial/contractual, governance, and urgent criminal problems arising from COVID-19 and the government’s response.

We continue to study the possible scenarios ahead, with a view to readiness to adapt immediately to further changes, restrictions or alternative measures that may lie ahead, both at large and within the court system, and will alert existing clients where these developments may affect their rights.

We’ll continue to update you on our response regularly as events evolve. In the meantime, we wish our clients, colleagues and community continued health and well-being.

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An Update on Stockwoods COVID-19 Operations for our Clients and Friends
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