New issue of the Administrative and Regulatory Law Case Review now available

The Stockwoods Administrative and Regulatory Law Case Review is back with a new issue!  You can read it here.  This time, we offer you summaries and commentary on recent decisions from the Federal Court of Appeal, Ontario Superior Court of Justice (Divisional Court) and Ontario Superior Court of Justice, dealing with the following issues:


  • Contextual factors that constrain decisions on reasonableness review
  • Procedural fairness requires more disclosure than rules provide
  • Deference on appellate review
  • New paradigm for reviewing decisions of voluntary associations
  • Hospital’s COVID-19 policy not subject to judicial review


Should you have any questions about the Newsletter, please feel free to contact the co-editors (Andrea Gonsalves or Justin Safayeni), or another lawyer at Stockwoods LLP.

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New (festive) issue of the Administrative and Regulatory Law Case Review now available

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Groundbreaking Climate Change Constitutional Challenge Allowed to Proceed

Gerald Chan speaks at The Advocates’ Society on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

New issue of the Administrative and Regulatory Law Case Review now available


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Stockwoods Obtains Relief from Forfeiture in Real Estate Transaction

New issue of the Stockwoods Administrative & Regulatory Law Case Review

Paul Le Vay and Stephen Aylward succeed at the Court of Appeal

Landmark Federal Court decision finds Canadian Judicial Council acted unfairly, unreasonably in making critical findings of Superior Court judge

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What happens if I’m charged with violating Ontario’s COVID-19 emergency orders?

An Update on Stockwoods COVID-19 Operations for our Clients and Friends
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